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Here  at EON Consulting (Expert One-stop Nutrition), we are passionate about promoting and supporting wellness. We specialize in utilizing nutrition to improve well-being and support a healthy lifestyle with the ultimate goal to promote overall wellness.

Our motto is improving the quality of life in the world one person at a time, and this is the motivating factor behind everything we do, including the services we provide.

Our approach is customized to meet the needs and health-related goals of each one of our clients. Our strategies are based on individualized nutrition counseling that emphasizes establishing healthful eating habits, facilitating lifestyle changes, implementing behavior modification, promoting fitness and improving health towards achieving overall wellness. 



Our one-on-one wellness sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing relevant nutrition education to increase knowledge about how nutrition impacts our bodies, medical conditions and support optimal health
  • Utilizing goal setting
  • Assessing barriers & challenges to implement change 
  • Replacing negative self-talk
  • Supporting improved health-related habits and behavior
  • Customizing recommendations, resources and tools 
  • Providing accountability  



 EON Consulting has also partnered with Designs for Health (DFH) in order to make their nutritional supplements available to you, at a discounted price. 

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Why Work With Us?

 Have access to a Nutrition and Food expert who will:

  • Guide you through the process of incorporating PROVEN recommendations on nutrition and wellness; 
  • Help you to create a daily routine that will QUICKLY move you towards improving your overall health;
  • Teach you EXACTLY how to improve your health, reduce inflammation, naturally reverse the effects of dis-ease in order to support your overall wellness;
  • Empower YOU to achieve the level of wellness of which you have been dreaming.

About Elisa



My name is Elisa Olivier-Nielsen and I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for over 20 years. 

I am passionate about health and wellness, and I have made my personal mission to improve the quality of life of each one of my clients. 

I deeply believe in the importance of preventative medicine and the vital role that nutrition plays in wellness as well as healthy & graceful aging. 

My approach is two-fold. First, it is to promote a healthy way to eat that will become a lifestyle. Secondly, it is to promote other lifestyle changes that, when combined, will in turn restore balance to your body, so your body can heal itself and wellness will become your end-result. 

Throughout my career, my extensive expertise in disease management has also enabled me to assist several clients to treat, manage and overcome several chronic diseases and health challenges. 

Learn to Manage and Overcome



  • Cancer 
  • Diabetes
  • Food allergies and sensitivities 
  • GI disorders including Celiac disease 
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension 
  • Kidney disease 
  • Liver disease
  • Overweight and obesity 
  • Thyroid disease

Other Consulting Services Include



  • Food service operations - recipe and menu development, analysis, & modification
  • Cost-containment measures and staff training 
  • Corporations - Employee wellness 
  • Other Healthcare Providers – referral-based partnerships



It's really great working with Elisa.  

She is very knowledgeable and knows all my silly excuses and "reasons" for my obesity and diabetes. Yet she is charming and so easy to talk to, you come away feeling you have a friend as well as a professional consultant. So far, following her advice, in about 3 weeks, I have lost 

5 # easily with no feelings of deprivation or sacrifice. Thanks Elisa.  ~  Lee 


Dear Elisa:

First, from the first visit, I liked your professional, non-judgmental approach and counselling.  I learn better when I am not on the defensive.  I like the structure of our sessions, that you always start with a definite goal for the information/teaching part of the session.  The initial handouts you gave me were very helpful, and each visit's handouts are too.  You explain things very clearly and without extra words; that means I have time to voice my questions and concerns.  The best part of the counselling has been how open you are to me being vegetarian, then vegan and allowing me to determine what to eat so I can be successful under your guidance.  You adjust to my needs rather than having a preset expectation of how I will tackle the diabetes, and you are very encouraging. I have lost weight and started exercising three times or more a week due to your encouragement. Thank you for your time and help.  ~ Judy    


I have struggled with food sensitivities and IBS  for many years, while trying to  MANAGE THEM on my own. After meeting with Elisa, I am newly motivated and excited to have a clear direction and an opportunity to improve my quality of life.  Elisa asks questions, listens to past history and works with you to develop a customized food and wellness plan. She even has some sample menus! Elisa’s gentle guidance does not seek to disrupt every action you may have taken that has been successful.  We are creating a new process and a new way of looking at dietary options to add and subtract foods, add supplements if needed and make lifestyle choices to live the FULLEST HEALTHIEST life!  

Thank you Elisa!  ONWARD! ~ Lana


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