We gladly partner with individuals who have already made the decision to master their fate and take charge of their own health. 

We customized our services according to each client's goal which could include wanting to learn how to improve their health or lose weight or simply needing a meal planner support.  

Our services are designed to equip our clients to manage their health, prevent, manage or even overcome dis-ease and ultimately achieve wellness by:

  • Identifying several issues that negatively impact health;
  • Preventing and better managing chronic health conditions; 
  • Providing a structured program to address, teach and promote habits that improve and support optimal health, wellness, energy, and longevity.  


Roadmap to Wellness

Explore the Benefits of Working With Us


  • Have a personalized plan called the “Roadmap to Wellness” which is developed based on your own specific needs and goals. The “Roadmap to Wellness” then becomes the foundation for all subsequent wellness sessions and the key to nurture your health, facilitate healing and promote wellness. 
  • Have access to expert and reliable source of information, resources and tools. 
  • Be equipped and empowered to take charge of your own health and to make the changes necessary to overcome your limiting circumstances through a transformational journey to open you to new possibilities. 
  • Obtain answers to questions related to your health, challenges and goals. 

Our “Roadmap to Wellness” program is offered virtually, and it includes a series of 8 one-on-one wellness sessions. Together, you and I will work to create a personalized and attainable plan to achieve your health-related goals. The “Roadmap to Wellness” is not another weight-loss program, but an empowering journey based on the implementation of healthy habits that will take time, practice and perseverance on your own part to master. 

Features of Our Wellness and Meal Planner Program

Nutrition Education


Individualized Menus


Goal-oriented Meal Plans




Custom-built Nutritional Supplements Recommendations


Fit-Bit Integration